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Collection: Skrim Boxes and Bunddle Packs

These Boxes and Packs are combinations of our products to make it easier for you to get you the full Skrim experience with better pricing!
Skrim Boxes and Bunddle Packs

Color Shifting Watercolors

These type of watercolors change their color depending on the angle you view them. A must have for your art!

Skrim Boxes

Get the full Skrim experience, with these bundle packs and save money for more fun! :)

Pearlcolors (Metallics)

The Pearlcolors are the perfect add on to your artwork, a little sparkle in your life? Here you go <3

Rainbows and Glows

Everything that shows a Rainbow, be it our famous and unique Rainbow paint or a Holo can be found here, together with all the Glows that you need for that little extra ;)

Artist Grade Aquarell

Here you find our high pigmented aquarell colors. A must have for anything!