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Rainbow Paint - 10g Big

Rainbow Paint - 10g Big

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My famous Rainbow Color now comes as Gouache!
This magical effect is now available for those who want to play around more and make bigger things with it!
It always comes with 10g of Cover Paint which is needed for achieving the lasting effect.
The Rainbow as it says shows a rainbow when wet and covered with the cover paint (dry effect also)
It shows all colors of the rainbow when direct light hits it in the right angle.
Just as a real life rainbow, which is why i love to call it an "artificial rainbow".
This effect has cost me some years of Research & Development and i want to share it now with the world!


Skrim Watercolors are generally vegan and are handmade in a environmentally friendly process without any water waste or energy consumption, that could destroy our environment.

How to use

These watercolors work best when used for making accents over your watercolor art or especially when using black paper. Let the water soak in for like 1-3 minutes and start painting.

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