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Color Shifting Watercolors

Add a touch of magic to your art projects with our color shifting watercolors. Whether you're an experienced artist looking for a new challenge or a beginner looking to add some excitement to your creations, these paints are a must-have for any artist's collection.

Skrim Boxes

Discover the ultimate Skrim experience! Save up to 50% with our Bombastico Box and enjoy more for less. Shop Skrim Boxes today and unlock major savings!

Pearlcolors (Metallics)

The Pearlcolors are the perfect add on to your artwork, a little sparkle in your life? Here you go <3

Rainbows and Glows

Everything that shows a Rainbow, be it our famous and unique Rainbow paint or a Holo can be found here, together with all the Glows that you need for that little extra ;)

Artist Grade Aquarell

Here you find our high pigmented aquarell colors. A must have for anything!

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