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Supreme Shifters Set

Supreme Shifters Set

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Supreme Shifters Watercolor Set

Elevate Your Palette: Discover the newly (released 02.03.2024) expanded Supreme Shifters Watercolor Set, featuring eight mesmerizing shades that redefine artistic boundaries. This Half Pan collection isn't merely an addition to your art supplies; it's a portal to a realm where colors morph and play, creating captivating visual effects that spark creativity and transform your artwork into something extraordinary.

Unveiled Shades:

  • Aqua Azure: Journey from serene turquoise to the depths of deep blue.
  • Sundown Spectra: Traverse from golden yellowish gold to the mystique of bluish-green.
  • Glacial Gleam: Transition from the light crispness to the dark blue abyss.
  • Terra Tropic: Evolve from vibrant green gold to the lushness of dark green blue.
  • Floral Flux: Blossom from a light pink to a radiant golden green.
  • Amber Aquatica: Shift seamlessly from orange gold to vibrant orange green.
  • Violet Veil: Flow majestically from violet to the warmth of orange brown.
  • Crimson Cascade: Change dynamically from reddish-brown to the glow of an orange tone.

Dynamic Color Interaction: The appearance of each color can dramatically shift based on the color of the light, the position of light sources, and the viewing angle. This dynamic interaction ensures that each stroke of the brush brings a unique, ever-changing beauty to your artwork, offering endless possibilities for creativity and expression.

Innovative Design: Featuring our unique Skrim Surface Design, this set enhances the tactile experience and ensures optimal use of these high-quality pigments. This design, beloved in many of our sets, allows for effortless blending and the creation of stunning, unparalleled paintings.

Crafted for All Artists: Tailored for every artist, from beginners to seasoned creators, the Supreme Shifters Set is designed to inspire and elevate your art. The transformative effect of these watercolors adds depth and intrigue, encouraging exploration and experimentation with various lighting conditions and perspectives.

Discover the Magic: Step into a world where art transcends the ordinary. The Supreme Shifters Set invites you to experiment with the magic of color-shifting watercolors, opening up a spectrum of possibilities for your creations. Embrace the shift, and let these colors transform your vision into breathtaking realities.

Your Artistic Revolution Awaits: Experience the supreme shift today and let your creativity flourish without bounds. The Supreme Shifters Watercolor Set is more than just paint; it's the key to unlocking a new dimension of artistic expression, where the interplay of light and color brings your vision to life in ways you've never imagined.


Attention! Many shades of color and effect colors are not consistently displayable on monitors and printers due to the different device color spaces, and are only indicated by approximations!


Skrim Aquarelle are generally vegan and are handmade in an
environmentally friendly process without water waste or energy
consumption that could destroy our environment.

How to use

These watercolors work best when you add accents to your watercolor art,
especially when using black paper. Let the water soak in for about 1-5
minutes before you start painting.

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