Who Are We?

Meet Skrim Watercolors - your German confidant in creating sustainable and vibrant artistic expressions. We are a family-run enterprise committed to crafting exceptional, environmentally friendly watercolors that bring your imagination to life in the most colorful ways.

Our paints are not just colors, they are an ode to the vibrancy of nature, each hue meticulously crafted to mirror the magnificence of our environment. We've married innovation and artistry to develop an inspiring palette of special colors that echo our commitment to the environment.

Our Pledge

Here at Skrim Watercolors, we stand firm in our belief that exquisite artistry and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive. Our brand is a testament to this belief, blending specialized color production with a firm commitment to sustainability.

Each tube of our watercolor paint embodies this ethos. Our family pours its heart into curating each distinct color, balancing perfection in pigment with our unwavering commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing. Our efficient processes limit water and energy usage, demonstrating that quality artistry can go hand-in-hand with sustainability.

Join Us

We extend an open invitation to artists and color enthusiasts alike. Discover our unique array of watercolors, each shade a testament to our sustainable manufacturing practices and our passion for exceptional color.

Immerse yourself in the Skrim experience - where the vibrancy of our colors matches our commitment to the environment. As a part of the Skrim family, you aren't just creating art, you're contributing to a sustainable future, one vibrant stroke at a time.

At Skrim Watercolors, we offer you the opportunity to create responsibly and color passionately. Explore your creativity, express yourself freely, and join us on our journey towards a more sustainable, more colorful world.