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Mother of Pearls Set

Mother of Pearls Set

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Experience the beauty of the earth with the Mother of Pearls Set from Skrim Watercolors. This set was inspired by the findings of a famous archeologist who studied the behavior of the earth on the eastern island. The result is a collection of six stunning watercolors that capture the magic and mystery of the earth.

The Mother of Pearls Set includes the following colors:

  • Patina: A wonderfull redish brown to blueish green changing color
  • Earth Gold: The most earth toned gold with super shimmer
  • Ambercup Orange: An ambercup shimmer in a dream of orange
  • Fairy: A moss green with a translucent shimmer
  • Scorpion: Shimmery black from the deepest parts of the earth
  • Rock Silver: A grey-blueish silver molded by the strength of the Atlantic

These watercolors are perfect for adding depth and dimension to your artwork, and their shimmery finishes will add a touch of magic to every brushstroke. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add the Mother of Pearls Set to your art supplies and unleash the full potential of your creativity.




Skrim Aquarelle are generally vegan and are handmade in an
environmentally friendly process without water waste or energy
consumption that could destroy our environment.

How to use

These watercolors work best when you add accents to your watercolor art,
especially when using black paper. Let the water soak in for about 1-5
minutes before you start painting.

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