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Royal Shifters

Royal Shifters

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Royal Shifters Watercolor Set

Introducing the Royal Shifters Watercolor Set — where the majesty of sparkling hues meets the dynamism of color-shifting magic. A collection designed for artists who revel in the wonder of ever-changing tones, infused with a touch of luxury.


  • Celeste: A shimmering green that transitions to a regal red. Let your brush glide and watch the ethereal shift from sky's tranquility to the passion of twilight.

  • Ari: A dazzling fuchsia that gracefully morphs into a rich gold. Experience a blend of sunrise’s warmth and the allure of a setting sun.

  • Lumina: Luminous pink that truly stands out shifting to a reddish orange, a signature shade that brings brilliance to every art piece.

  • Solara: Delight in the dance between violet and a bold orange. An ode to the magic hour when the day meets night.

  • Viridi: An encapsulation of vibrant blue shifting purple pink, invoking the essence of lush forests and serene meadows.


  • Full Pan Size: Generously sized to ensure longevity and maximum pigment pickup.

  • Vegan and Environmentally-Conscious: Crafted with compassion, ensuring no harm to our animal friends and the world we share.

  • Lightfast: Each shade retains its vibrancy and sparkle, promising artwork that stands the test of time.

The Royal Shifters is not just a watercolor set; it's a testament to the allure of fluidity in art. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this set guarantees every artwork glistens with distinction and elegance.


Skrim Aquarelle are generally vegan and are handmade in an
environmentally friendly process without water waste or energy
consumption that could destroy our environment.

How to use

These watercolors work best when you add accents to your watercolor art,
especially when using black paper. Let the water soak in for about 1-5
minutes before you start painting.

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