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Experience the beauty of watercolor art with a stunning holographic twist.

Our unique holographic watercolor features shimmering rainbow hues that seem to dance and change before your eyes. The delicate brushstrokes and subtle shading of the watercolor technique bring a soft, ethereal quality to the piece, while the holographic effect adds a touch of otherworldly magic.

Hang the artwork with this one-of-a-kind piece on your wall to bring a touch of whimsy and wonder to any room. Perfect for fans of abstract art, holographic design, and watercolor techniques.

If you love watercolor art and the mesmerizing beauty of holographic designs, this paint is a must-have.

This is the legendary Holographic Effect as a Half Pan.

For best results, let the water soak in untill the color gets creamy.
This should bring good results on white and black paper.


Skrim Aquarelle are generally vegan and are handmade in an
environmentally friendly process without water waste or energy
consumption that could destroy our environment.

How to use

These watercolors work best when you add accents to your watercolor art,
especially when using black paper. Let the water soak in for about 1-5
minutes before you start painting.

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