Skrim Watercolors Featured in UPCrate 33 Mai Box

We are beyond excited to announce that we from Skrim Watercolors have been handpicked to be part of the UPCrate 33 Mai Box, an all-inclusive art supply treasure trove designed to unleash the creative genius within every artist. This box is packed with premium materials, making it an exceptional tool for bringing artistic visions to life.

Skrim Watercolors, known for their distinctive and iridescent finish, provide a magical touch to any masterpiece. Combine these captivating colors with the cutting-edge Vangogh Deutschland Half Pans and the exquisite Winsor and Newton Drawing Inks for striking and radiant color transitions.

To ensure the ultimate artistic experience, the UPCrate 33 Mai Box also includes St. Cuthbert's Mill Saunders Waterford CP Watercolor Paper, the versatile Pinceaux Leonard Lavis Fauve Brush, and the innovative Art Spaze Water Tank Brush. Embrace your inner artist and let the good times roll with Disco Disco pARty pARTy and the UPCrate 33 Mai Box, a match made in creative heaven!

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