Christmas 2023 Shipping Guidelines: Timely Orders for Guaranteed Delivery

Christmas 2023 Shipping Guidelines: Timely Orders for Guaranteed Delivery

As the holiday season draws near, it's essential for our customers to know the crucial dates for placing orders with our premium Merchant Mail service. This will ensure your parcels arrive in time for Christmas celebrations. We focus on providing a streamlined and efficient shipping process, so here are the key dates you need to remember for ordering:

National Orders (Germany)

For deliveries within Germany using our Merchant Mail Premium service, please place your orders by Friday, 15th December. This timing ensures that your parcels are included in the last batch of shipments, which are typically delivered by Saturday, 23rd December.

International Orders

For our international customers, the deadlines for placing orders with Merchant Mail Premium vary depending on the destination:

  • Neighboring Countries (Including Italy): Orders destined for Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic should be placed by 12th December for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria, and by 11th December for the other countries listed.

  • Other European Countries: For destinations like Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Hungary, the last date to order is 10th December. For Bulgaria, Greece, Great Britain, Norway, and Cyprus, place your orders by 09th December.

  • Non-European Countries: The final date for orders to countries outside Europe is 3th December.

We advise ordering at least 1-3 days earlier than these dates, especially for shipments to islands or remote areas, to ensure on-time delivery. We do not guarantee the times since it is not in our power.

Express Shipping Options Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for our upcoming express shipping options, perfect for those last-minute orders. These options will provide a faster and more direct route for your urgent shipments, ensuring they reach their destinations swiftly.

In conclusion, marking these dates in your calendar will help ensure that your holiday orders via Merchant Mail Premium are delivered promptly for the festive season. Our goal is to make your holiday shopping and shipping experience as seamless and joyful as possible. Stay tuned for more information on our express shipping options for even quicker delivery solutions.

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