Maremi Small Art Unveils a Masterpiece with Sapphire Shifter Watercolor Set

Maremi Small Art Unveils a Masterpiece with Sapphire Shifter Watercolor Set

A Symphony of Color: Painting a Butterfly on YouTube

The online world has a wealth of talented artists that continually inspire us to stretch our creative muscles and try something new. Among these influential artists is Marta Lapkowska, better known as Maremi Small Art, whose work has captured the hearts of thousands. In her latest YouTube video, Maremi takes her viewers on an artistic journey by painting a stunning butterfly using our Sapphire Shifter Watercolor Set.

The Power of the Right Tools

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of the right tools when it comes to creating art. Maremi made a wise choice by opting for the Sapphire Shifter Watercolor Set, a collection of premium pigmented watercolors that offer superior quality, vivid color, and exceptional lightfastness. The set is perfect for artists who seek to add an extra flair to their work, featuring a beautiful spectrum of shifting colors that give a unique and shimmering effect when they catch the light.

The Process: Artistry in Motion

Maremi starts her painting with an initial watercolor sketch, carefully mapping out the butterfly's shape, detailing its wings and body. From the onset, you can sense her deep connection with her subject, emphasizing its symmetry and balance.

As she moves to the painting phase, Maremi takes her time, using washes to lay down the base colors. What sets her technique apart is the meticulous layering and blending, and it is here where the Sapphire Shifter Watercolor Set shines the most. The colors meld seamlessly into each other, giving a sort of iridescent quality to the butterfly’s wings.

The Magic of Shifting Colors

Perhaps the most magical part of the process is watching the colors shift as Maremi takes advantage of the set’s unique color-changing properties. As she adjusts the angle of her painting for the camera, the butterfly seems to come alive, its wings shimmering in a myriad of colors. She skillfully uses the shifting pigments to highlight the natural iridescence found in many butterfly species, resulting in a painting that is not only stunning but also realistic.

Finishing Touches

With the application of final details, Maremi adds intricate markings on the wings, further accentuating the butterfly's complex pattern. She goes beyond mere representation, adding her unique touch and personality into the piece. The end result is a breathtaking masterpiece that leaves viewers in awe, inspiring them to pick up their paintbrushes and join in the creative journey.


Beyond the Brushstrokes

What makes Maremi Small Art's latest video more than just a painting tutorial is the emotional connection she builds with her viewers. She offers nuggets of wisdom throughout the video, emphasizing the therapeutic value of art and encouraging everyone to embrace their creative instincts.


Art has a unique way of capturing the elusive beauty of nature, and Maremi Small Art has done just that with her latest butterfly painting. Through her masterful use of the Sapphire Shifter Watercolor Set, she has not just created art; she has offered us a glimpse into the transformative power of creativity. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a budding beginner, Maremi’s latest video serves as a testament to what can be achieved when talent meets quality materials. Happy painting!

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I love Maremi Small Art. She is the most inspirational artist I’ve ever watched on YouTube. Thanks to Marta I found Skrim, all the way from Australia. I can’t wait to receive my first order and try these amazing paints. Thanks! 🥰❤️


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