Illuminating Nature's Palette: Alex Boon Embraces Skrim Watercolors' Jewels of the Sky and Sapphire Shifters

Imagine an artist, deeply in touch with nature, using our vibrant watercolors to create mesmerizing pieces that not only capture the imagination but also inspire an appreciation for the natural world. That's the magic Alex Boon brings to his work, and we at Skrim Watercolors were thrilled to see him showcase our Jewels of the Sky and Sapphire Shifters sets in his latest video on YouTube.

Alex Boon, a renowned nature journaling educator and artist from East Devon, UK, has been sharing his passion for art and nature connection through his YouTube channel and various other platforms. His journey with art began in childhood, and it evolved over time, culminating in a beautiful amalgamation of art and environmental science, which forms the basis of his nature journaling​1​.

In his recent video, Alex demonstrated the brilliant hues of our Jewels of the Sky and Sapphire Shifters sets, adding a new dimension to his art while exemplifying the transformative power of our watercolors.

Skrim Watercolors: The Environmentally Friendly Choice for Artists

Skrim Watercolors, a German brand, specializes in producing eco-friendly watercolors for artists. Our selection includes metallic, color-changing, holographic, luminous, and standard shades, all of which are carefully crafted with a focus on sustainability and efficient processes​2​.

Our watercolors work best when used to add accents to your art, especially when using black paper. By letting the water soak in for about 1-5 minutes before you start painting, you will unlock the full potential of our colors​2​.

Jewels of the Sky: Capture the Beauty of Precious Gemstones

Our Jewels of the Sky set brings the shimmer of precious gemstones to your palette. This set includes six full pan watercolors: Yellow Topaz, Violett Amethyst, Green Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Red Ruby, and Diamond White. Each color adds a unique touch to your artwork, reflecting the beauty of the gems they represent. With the Jewels of the Sky set, you can let your creativity shine like the precious gems it was inspired by​3​.

Sapphire Shifters: Experience the Magic of Color Shifting

The Sapphire Shifters set is a magical collection of color-shifting watercolors. The set includes four full pan watercolors: Cosmic Cascades, Sunset Serenade, Midnight Mirage, and Ocean's Royalty. Each color has its unique shift in appearance, adding a sense of magic and mystery to your paintings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add the Sapphire Shifters set to your art supplies and let your imagination run wild​2​.

Seeing Alex Boon bring these colors to life in his video, using them to highlight the beauty of nature, truly showcases the potential of our watercolors. We invite you to explore the vibrant and eco-friendly world of Skrim Watercolors and let your creativity soar to new heights.

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