Skrim Watercolors Featured in Airbrush Step by Step Magazine: Embracing Mixed Media Techniques with Marissa Oosterlee

We are thrilled to share the news that Skrim Watercolors has been featured in the renowned Airbrush Step by Step Magazine. This international publication caters to airbrush artists of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, offering detailed tutorials and insights from top artists worldwide. In the latest issue, we are excited to collaborate with the talented Marissa Oosterlee, who demonstrates the effective use of our watercolors in a stunning mixed media portrait.



Airbrush Step by Step Magazine: A Platform for Airbrush Artists

Since 2006, Airbrush Step by Step Magazine has been a premier source of information and inspiration for airbrush artists. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, including airbrush illustrations, custom and automotive painting, body painting, and other airbrush applications. Through practical advice, artist interviews, and event coverage, Airbrush Step by Step helps readers hone their skills and stay updated on the latest trends and product innovations in the airbrush industry.

Marissa Oosterlee's Mixed Media Portrait: Skrim Watercolors in Action

In this feature, Marissa Oosterlee, an accomplished airbrush artist, showcases a striking mixed media portrait, skillfully incorporating Skrim Watercolors into her work. The article provides an in-depth tutorial on how to achieve stunning visual effects by combining our vibrant watercolors with airbrush techniques. Readers will learn valuable tips and tricks to enhance their airbrush capabilities and create captivating artwork using Skrim Watercolors.

Skrim Watercolors: A Versatile Addition to Airbrush Art

Our collaboration with Marissa Oosterlee highlights the versatility of Skrim Watercolors, revealing how our products can be seamlessly integrated with airbrush techniques to create unique and breathtaking artwork. By combining the depth and richness of our watercolors with the precision of airbrushing, artists can explore new creative possibilities and elevate their work to new heights.

Discover the Power of Mixed Media with Skrim Watercolors in Airbrush Step by Step Magazine

We invite you to explore the latest issue of Airbrush Step by Step Magazine and delve into Marissa Oosterlee's inspiring mixed media portrait tutorial featuring Skrim Watercolors. We are confident that our watercolors, when combined with airbrush techniques, can unlock new artistic potential and help you create stunning and innovative artwork.

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