Experience the Magic of Art with the Shimmer and Shine Box: A Review by YouTube Artist, ColorFilla

Art lovers, prepare to be dazzled! We've had the exciting opportunity to witness the internationally acclaimed French art YouTuber, ColorFilla, explore the wonders of our Shimmer and Shine Box. This hands-on review featured on ColorFilla's popular YouTube channel gave us some incredible insights into the true potential of this watercolor set.

The Shimmer and Shine Box is a spectacular collection of watercolor sets that promises to elevate your artwork to new levels of vibrancy and dimension. As seen in ColorFilla's video review, this bundle showcases an array of colors that are sure to captivate and inspire artists and admirers alike.

Featuring seven distinct watercolor sets, each set within the Shimmer and Shine Box holds its own charm and appeal. From the color-shifting magic of the Skrim Shifters set, the intense hues of the Sapphire Shifters, to the enchanting radiance of the Glow in the Dark Half Pans, each palette brings a unique dimension to your artwork. Notably, ColorFilla marveled at the ethereal beauty of the Ghost Pearls Set and the depth added by the Holo Half Pan on black and white paper.

For a complete list of the seven dazzling sets and what each one brings to your art, ColorFilla's video review is an absolute must-watch!

Aside from the artistic versatility offered by this collection, purchasing the Shimmer and Shine Box equates to enjoying an incredible 35% discount compared to buying each set individually. With savings of around €95 or $95, this collection is the perfect investment for those who appreciate the transformative power of color in their artwork.

In the words of ColorFilla, "The Shimmer and Shine Box takes your artistic expression to a whole new level." Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your art with the captivating hues and enchanting effects of the Shimmer and Shine Box.

Check out ColorFilla's video review on their YouTube channel to see these colors in action and order your Shimmer and Shine Box today!


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I’m a mixedmedia artist from Sweden. Is the watercolors avsileble i Swedish stores?
I would like to se them in real, before buying.
Kindly Anneli Eriksson, Annelis Journaling.

Annelis Journaling

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