Skrim Watercolors Shines on AstroTV's Morning Show: A Colorful Journey into the World of Art

We are incredibly excited to announce that Skrim Watercolors will be featured on the popular morning show "Leichter Leben - Zeit für mich!" on AstroTV, the market leader in spirituality and lifestyle programming. On May 10th, tune in between 9 and 10 am to learn more about our vibrant colors and high-quality watercolor products, as we showcase our passion for art and creativity.



AstroTV: A Platform for Inspiration and Entertainment

AstroTV has built a strong reputation as a leading broadcaster in the fields of spirituality and lifestyle. Their daily morning show, "Leichter Leben - Zeit für mich!", is an engaging mix of service and entertainment, providing viewers with a delightful start to their day. Available through all major digital cable networks, Astra digital,,, and in HD quality via satellite, AstroTV reaches a vast audience eager for inspiring content.

Skrim Watercolors on "Leichter Leben - Zeit für mich!": Showcasing Our Passion for Art

During our appearance on "Leichter Leben - Zeit für mich!", we will delve into the world of Skrim Watercolors, revealing the inspiration behind our brand and showcasing our stunning color palette. Our knowledgeable representatives will demonstrate the versatility and depth of our watercolor range, offering helpful tips for artists of all skill levels. Viewers will gain valuable insights into the world of watercolor painting and discover how our products can help unleash their creativity.

Connecting with the AstroTV Audience: A Shared Love for Creativity and Art

We believe that the AstroTV audience shares our passion for creativity, art, and personal growth. By demonstrating our watercolor products and sharing our artistic journey on "Leichter Leben - Zeit für mich!", we hope to inspire viewers to embrace their artistic side and pursue their own creative endeavors.


Tune in to AstroTV on May 10th for a Splash of Color

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about Skrim Watercolors and our dedication to the world of art on May 10th. Join us on AstroTV's morning show, "Leichter Leben - Zeit für mich!", between 9 and 10 am, and let our vibrant colors inspire your artistic journey.

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