Exciting New Changes to Our Skrim Watercolor Bundles!

Hello, creative spirits! We're thrilled to announce some fantastic updates to our beloved Skrim watercolor bundles. Our mission has always been to provide you with the best tools to bring your artistic visions to life, and these changes are all about enhancing your painting experience. Read on to discover what's new and exciting in our Skrim Bombastico Box and Shimmer and Shine Box!


1. The Skrim Bombastico Box: A Treasure Trove of Colors

  • Ultimate Collection: The Skrim Bombastico Box has always been our crown jewel, offering a vibrant spectrum of colors. We've taken it a step further by including every single color and set that Skrim offers. Yes, you read that right - every color!
  • New Additions: We're proud to introduce the Pure Metalloid Set and the Royal Shifters Set into the Bombastico Box. The Pure Metalloid Set, known for its opulent metallic hues, and the Royal Shifters Set, celebrated for its dynamic color-shifting magic, are now part of this ultimate collection.
  • Unmatched Variety: With these additions, the Bombastico Box now stands as the most comprehensive and diverse collection in our range. It's the perfect choice for artists who want it all – from classic hues to exotic metallics and enchanting color-shifters.

2. The Shimmer and Shine Box: A Focus on Metallic and Shimmering Hues

  • Specialized Selection: The Shimmer and Shine Box has been a favorite for those who love a touch of sparkle in their art. We're fine-tuning this box to cater specifically to your love for metallic and shimmering effects.
  • Exciting Inclusion: Say hello to the Royal Shifters Set in the Shimmer and Shine Box! This set brings a kaleidoscope of color-shifting hues, adding a new dimension of creativity to your palette.
  • Streamlined Focus: In our effort to emphasize these shimmering and metallic qualities, we've decided to remove the Glow colors from this box. This refinement allows the Shimmer and Shine Box to truly embody its name, focusing solely on shades that sparkle and shift in mesmerizing ways.

3. What This Means for You

  • More Options: These updates mean you have more choices to suit your artistic style. Whether you're a professional artist or just starting out, our bundles are tailored to inspire and enhance your creative journey.
  • Great Savings: Despite these luxurious additions, we've kept our pricing competitive. The Skrim Bombastico Box, now more valuable than ever, remains an unbeatable deal, offering a comprehensive range at a fraction of the cost. The Shimmer and Shine Box, with its specialized focus, continues to be an affordable gateway to high-quality, shimmering watercolors.


At Skrim, we're constantly striving to evolve and improve our offerings based on your feedback and the latest trends in the art world. These changes to our Skrim Bombastico Box and Shimmer and Shine Box are a testament to our commitment to providing you with the best possible products. We can't wait for you to experience the expanded range and possibilities these updated bundles offer. Dive into a world of color and let your creativity soar with Skrim!

Ready to explore these updated bundles? Visit our website now to grab your Skrim Bombastico Box or Shimmer and Shine Box and start creating masterpieces that are as unique as your imagination! Remember, art is an adventure, and with Skrim, you're always well-equipped for the journey. Let's paint the world in bold and beautiful colors together!

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